Resilience, Joy, Curiosity, Openness, Confidence

These precious qualities of human experience can be lost in the aftermath of trauma and intense stress. When unresolved, trauma and stress can cause symptoms that interfere with well-being, the ability to focus and relate comfortably with others.

With 30 years of experience in mind-body health, Debby Jay combines approaches to trauma resolution, stress management and pain relief that can help you recover–or experience for the first time–a sense of aliveness and well-being. Certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and as a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing [SE], her training and work are informed by the latest research in neuroscience. 

Debby offers Alexander lessons and SE sessions in the greater Los Angeles area. She has helped former and current clients find relief from

chronic pain anxiety depression
panic attacks headaches insomnia

and other symptoms stemming from unresolved traumas, unrelieved stress or unconscious patterns of muscle tension.

Positive results have brought psychotherapists, business leaders, artists, writers, musicians, actors, body workers, teachers, yoga practitioners, computer users and others to her practice.

Her clients who have experienced car accidents, surgery, domestic violence, falls, assault, child abuse and unrelenting stress from work and other difficulties have found their pain and anxiety diminishing as they come to enjoy a renewed sense of confidence and vitality.

Whether your desire is to find relief from specific symptoms or to simply feel better, each hour-long session will help you feel more grounded, present and confident.  The sessions are creative, collaborative and for many, life-changing.  And, you will leave every session with practical tools you can use to help yourself feel better when you are out in the world.

After exploring this website, if you would like to set up an appointment or ask a question, feel free to contact Debby by e-mail or phone.

Wishing you the best on your journey to well-being!