After surviving a serious car accident, I was overwhelmed with trauma in my body and mind.  Although my bruises healed, the accident replayed constantly in my mind, making it difficult to go on with the daily activities I used to take for granted.  With an incredibly delicate and intuitive approach, Debby Jay showed me how to tread softly into the trauma, and unspool it little by little.  She brought me back to a sense of safety in my body and in my life.  Debby is a true healer.

Ariel Kiley, yoga teacher

Debby, You have a true gift.  You cannot imagine what a great effect your kindness, real listening, your calm measure and caring touch had on me. Thank you.

Kate Fuglei, actress

Debby Jay is one of the most gifted, perceptive and masterful healers I have had the opportunity to work with.  Some years ago I began to suffer from sudden, terrifying panic attacks.  When these debilitating experiences began interfering with the demands of daily life, I looked everywhere for a solution – support groups, the psychiatrist's office and traditional talk therapy.  It was only the dedicated, consistent study of Somatic Experiencing with Debby that helped me learn how to effectively control and eliminate my panic episodes.  Now, when I look back on that uneasy and vulnerable period in my life, I see it as one of the richest and most important chapters of my development.

Shirley Hunt, musician

Debby, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Alexander teacher.  You have so much focus, presence and knowledge. Thank you for sharing it!

Seraina Jacqueline, Alexander Teacher, actress

I worked with Debby Jay while recuperating from spinal surgery. Debby’s work complemented conventional medical treatment and physical therapy, and definitely made a difference in my recovery. Debby is very knowledgeable, caring and persistent in her efforts to help clients improve. I highly recommend working with her.

Connie Limperis, attorney

With the Alexander Technique, Debby showed me how to release stressful, unnecessary effort and allow myself to be full of life at all times.  I have found this work to be nothing more, and nothing less, than the reclaiming of my birthright as a human being – to move with simple grace and fluid, energetic motion.

Brian Reynolds, actor

Debby Jay is an incredible teacher who strikes me as someone who is open and always ready to learn more herself. She’s also a great role model for the Alexander Technique, because just watching how she moves and carries herself, you know she really does live this work.

Tanya Tergesen