Embody yourself beautifully! The Alexander Technique

Light, calm, clear, open, grounded, expansive, confident...

These are words Debby Jay’s students have used to describe how they feel while walking around her studio toward the end of their first Alexander lesson. These students have just had a direct experience that by consciously making subtle physical changes they can ease muscular tension, improve their posture and create a remarkable feeling of well-being.

The Alexander Technique is an effective approach to improved mind-body integration that is taught in a series of fascinating lessons.  The Technique is something you learn and then practice on your own so you can inhabit your body–and live your life–in a much more balanced way, able to move with greater freedom and confidence… and without pain.

With 30 years of experience as a certified Alexander teacher, Debby has developed an exquisitely refined, guiding touch to heighten your body awareness so you can release tension in your neck, shoulder and back muscles.  Most students experience a sense of physical ease that lifts their mood as well, even during the first lesson.

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Effective pain relief

Alexander lessons offer a distinct advantage over other pain-relief methods including massage, chiropractic and pain medication. At each lesson, Debby shows you simple and effective ways that empower you to relieve your own stress and tension while creating openness and ease.The results of a landmark study, published in the British Medical Journal, showed that Alexander lessons resulted in a dramatic reduction in pain compared with the usual standard of care, both three months and a year after lessons were completed!

Prized by performing artists

Beyond pain relief, the Alexander Technique offers powerful tools for the performing artist. The Technique is not only taught–it is required–at the finest conservatories in the world, including Juilliard, ACT, Yale Rep and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Faculty at these world-class institutions know that heightened body awareness and conscious relaxation lie at the heart of a fully-embodied performance.

With her unique approach to the Alexander Technique, Debby has trained hundreds of actors and musicians in New York and Los Angeles to develop a more radiant presence, perform with greater nuance and skill and avoid the repetitive strain injuries that plague so many professional musicians.

Your first Alexander lesson could be life-changing.  Are you ready?

Video introduction to the Alexander Technique

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Photo credit: Jackie Houchin